Yadav Lab

This is a vision statement for the Yadav lab which will focus on Sensorimotor Neuroengineering. This page will give future collaborators, students, and postdoc trainees who wish to work with me an insight into the goals, structure, and vision of my lab. The official lab page will be coming soon.

The Yadav lab will focus on developing neural recording and stimulation tools to understand the brain-spine relationship from a systems neuroscience perspective. Our goal will be to treat neurological disorders using neuroengineering principles. We will build platform technologies that can be easily customized for multiple treatment applications, for example to treat symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease or to rehabilitate patients after traumatic brain or spinal cord injury.

The Yadav lab will try to be a bridge between pre-clinical and clinical research. We will develop neuroengineering treatment tools, test them rigorously in animal models, and then in collaborations with surgeons and clinicians, we will conduct pilot studies in patients to achieve translation of our ideas. We will also work closely with neuroscientists and continue to ask basic neuroscience questions while utilizing the technologies developed in our lab.

If you think you are someone who aligns with this approach of doing science, and wants to connect with me, or if you think you are interested in working with me in the future, please feel free to reach out. Certainly having computational skills, knowledge of a programming language, and some ability to engineer things would be a plus to succeed in my lab but I have also mentored numerous students who came without any of these skills and they were able to pick them up along the way. The curiosity and a willingness to learn and grow is more important than any particular skillset.